Apple Just Launched its iOS 11 Update With Some Icon Changes!


Today Apple releases its iOS 11 update and it comes with more than your usual bug fixes and performances upgrades. As you can see in the image above Apple is making some changes to these familiar 3 apps. The image that was posted by iCulture on their Twitter shows the before and after pictures of the app icons. It is quite rare for Apple to make changes to its first party app icons although they are always releasing updates to make the iPhone better.

Just having a glance at the icons, you may not have realized the changes. However, if you were to look closely, you’ll notice that the iconic paint brush, pencil and ruler on the app store icon is replaced with lines. Also, if you notice on the new maps app has a circular image on it. That circular image represents a corner of Apple’s circular office building. Last but not least, probably one of the apps all of us use the most, the clock app.  The clock app gets bolder numbers and is done in Apple’s iconic bespoke San Francisco font. Whether you prefer the old icons or the new ones better, there’s no doubt that the new images look better in higher resolutions.

Apple will also be taking a few things away following the update. Several live wallpapers are no longer pre loaded. In addition, auto brightness will be movies to the accessibility section of the settings.




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