Iceland Takes Delivering Goods To A Whole New Level

Iceland’s largest online marketplace Aha has recently partnered with Flytrex, an Israeli drone company to expend its delivery options. Aha can now deliver goods to two part of the city of Reykjavik that are separated by a wide river. using the drone delivery method.

In the long run, Aha will be saving a lot of time and cost using the drone delivery method. Without the drones, Aha usually has to drive around a large bay to get to certain addresses in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. With the help of the drones, Aha now only uses a single route to pass the bay and get to its customers address. An example would be, an employee of Aha will launch a drone at the nearest hub to the store it needs to pick up from. From there, the drone will fly to the second hub, closer to the customers location and from there another one of Aha’s employees will then pick it up and deliver it to the customers doorstep. Aha’s plan for the future is to deliver orders using the drones that are hook, Technology, Fled on to wires that can lower the deliveries into the customers very own backyard.

With the help of Flytex’s drones, Aha will be able to deliver its items six times faster compared to a car in heavy traffic. For a start, the system is only doing a delivery at a time. However, multiple deliveries are possible.

The Real Deal!

For everyone who think that this is only a temporary project, think again. Aha has emphasized that this is a PERMANENT service offered by the Icelandic online market place. Both Flytrex and Aha have received approval from the Icelandic Transport Authority to deliver food and products from shops to its customers in Reykjavik.


Article originally written by Karen Gilchrist and posted on CNBC on the 23rd/8/2017


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