How You Can Use Facebook To Your E Commerce Business’s Advantage

The number of social media users grow everyday, we can hardly keep up. This could be a leverage for you to generate sales through your businesses social media pages. But because each social media channel being unique and different, it can get a little bit difficult to stay on top of all the different ways to market your business.

In 2016, Facebook’s advertising revenue totaled to a whopping 26.9 billion US dollars. As you can see, it is pretty obvious that the competition to get your customers attention is fierce. So you’re probably wondering how you can use Facebook to help grow your e commerce business.

First, before we continue, take some time to think whether or not Facebook is the right social media platform to focus on for your business. American men and women between the ages of 25-54 make up for 29% and 32% of Facebook users. Your targeted customer age group should fit with the social media platform you choose to spend your marketing budget on.

Share Promotions or Events Exclusively On Facebook

When you share the same information on all of your social media platforms, it does not give your followers a reason to check all of your account. This is because they know that they will only be reading the same thing again. For example, if one of your followers is a frequent Instagram user and he/she knows that your business posts the same info across all your social media channels, he/she will not have an incentive to go onto your Facebook page.

By posting different content on all of your social media channels, you are giving your customers a reason to follow all of the accounts to find out different info. What you could do is share up coming in person events on Facebook and share promotional posts strictly on Twitter or Instagram. This will allow you to cater information to each platform’s audience preference and making the experience better.

Gather data on your customers and analyze is properly. From there you can focus on personalizing the social media experience by their age groups. For example, you have carried out a survey and found out that most of your sales come from customers over 20 years of age, who are more likely to use promo codes and coupons. From there you can decide which social media platform you would like to share your discounts on. Platforms such as Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram have a younger user base.

Share Interesting and Timely Content

Facebook is a great marketing tool for your e commerce business compared to the other social media channels. Why? Because it does not limit you to a certain amount of characters in a post like Twitter does or also the time frame that posts appear on your page like Snapchat. Because of this, Facebook allows you to create your own unique content and share it on to your page. Even if it is a link to your businesses post or long articles written right onto your page. The more traction you get on your post the more often it will appear on your followers newsfeeds. A great way to gain attention is to generate unique content related to current events. Generally people enjoy reading content like that and are more likely to be shared.

Make sure you keep your page interesting and engaging by churning out different kinds of post. Nobody want to read the same types of content everyday. Another important thing to remember is to not make your page look overly promotional, as it defeats the whole purpose of social media. Make your followers feel like they are apart of the community and not like they are looking at an ad.

Target Your Ads

Facebook is great when it comes to marketing because businesses can benefit from its robust advertising platform. It is highly recommended that businesses should create targeted ads and A/B testings to get the most out of your money spend on advertising. Facebook allows to to target your ads based on user’s location, demographics, age, gender, interests, behaviors and many more.

According to research, Facebook users like 4.1 million posts every minute! This just proves, if you can get your content to the right audience, your post can gain massive engagement and reach. But of course, it is easier said than done. With Faceook’s targeting it really helps you to narrow down the viewers that your ad will be shown to. From there the chances for success are much higher.

Get On The Retargeting Pixel Wagon

Have you ever looked at a dress online or even a pair of shoes and suddenly there are seems to be ads on dresses and shoes popping up everywhere? That is probably due to a retargeting pixel by Facebook. This marketing method is underutilized, but a very powerful tool that basically stalks your potential customer around the web. When a visitor enters your site, you can retarget that user when they leave with your ads on their newsfeed.

Effective frequency is the number of times a viewer needs to be exposed to your ad before they decide to take action. Using the retargeting method, you can ensure users will be exposed to your ads enough times that they eventually become familiar with your business/product. For example, if a customer were to visit the product section of your website and decides to leave halfway, you might want to retarget them in a different way compared to a customer who has placed items in the shopping cart but then decided to abandon it before making payment.

Provide Service Through Social

Facebook allows you to have live chats with your followers, which is great! This will give you the opportunity to create a bond with your customers and maybe gain the trust of new customers. This however depends on which platform your website is built on, you can get this feature through an extension, plug in or an app. But if you’re not willing to go through the hassle, good old Facebook Chat is more than reliable. It has proven to be able to handle a very large audience and it is a better and more simple option, without having to install any extensions. In addition, more people are familiar with how Facebook Chat works and it is completely free! Facebook chat also doesn’t limit you to how many people you can chat with at a time. Most extensions do not offer such flexibility in their free versions.

Not only does this give customers an option of a direct hotline to the company when they have a product or service question, but it also promotes your Facebook page. After the customer is done chatting with you, he/she will be more likely to search for your Facebook page and either follow or engage.



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