A 10-year-old girl already owns 2 companies, and could retire at 15 as a multimillionaire

A 10-year-old girl already owns 2 companies, and could retire at 15 as a multimillionaire

  • Pixie Curtis may become the youngest person in the world to retire.
  • She’s the creator of Pixie’s Fidgets, a toy company, and Pixie’s Bows, a hair accessory company.
  • Pixie’s Fidgets made over $140,000 in its first month, according to news.com.au.
Pixie Curtis

Despite still being in elementary school, an Australian girl is on her way to retiring as a millionaire at the tender age of 15.

10-year-old Pixie Curtis set up a toy company that’s already making huge profits.

With the help of her mother, Roxy Jacenko, Pixie founded the toy company Pixie’s Fidgets. It launched last year, and the toys sold out in the first 48 hours.

Pixie already has another business, Pixie’s bows, a hair accessory company that her mother set up when she was a baby.

These companies are now a part of Pixie’s Pix, which also sells other children’s games and accessories.

“She can retire at 15 if she wants to.”

“Our family joke has been I’ll be working till I’m 100 and Pixie will have retired at 15 – I certainly know who’s smarter,” Jacenko said to news.com.au.

Jacenko is the owner of several successful businesses, including Sweaty Betty PR. 

Pixie’s story has gained her a large following on social media, amassing more than 100,000 followers on Instagram. 

Despite her success, her mother doesn’t want Pixie to feel that she has to work for the company.

“I have said it from day one, the moment Pixie doesn’t want to be front-facing or be involved with Pixie’s Pix and Pixie’s Bows then we will reassess. But for now, she is happy, learning so much,” she said.

Article Credit : Andrea Núñez-Torrón Stock and Nathan Rennolds / Business Insider

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